Features That Will Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Appeal

In modern homes, the bathroom can be more than a place to take a quick shower and wash up. It can be more like a spa -- a space where you can retreat for the ultimate relaxation and comfort. If you're remodeling your bathroom or designing a new one, here are five features that will help give it that spa-like appeal. Heated Floors If you're building a new home, putting radiant floor heating throughout the whole home, including the bathroom, is certainly an option.

Two Methods To Help You Have A Successful Garden

Although spring may seem a long way off, you can now begin to plan for your successful garden next year. A drip irrigation system and a layer of mulch over your garden can help you accomplish this. Here is information and tips to help you have a successful garden using these two methods. Install a Drip Irrigation System By watering your garden with a sprinkler, you are wasting your time and water.

Kitchen Drain Keeps Clogging Up? Here's The Main Reason Why

If the drain in your kitchen sink keeps clogging up no matter how many times you unclog it, you may have a problem somewhere else in your plumbing system. Sometimes, clogs can develop in one place and affect other locations in the home. If you don't find and fix the main issue, the kitchen sink drain will continue to clog up. Here's a possible cause of your clogged kitchen drain and tips to solve it.

Two Potential Toxins That May Be Hiding In Your Well Water

For many people, having a well means having access to fresh, crystal-clear water that's both suitable for drinking and suitable for washing. Whether you live in a remote area or just in the suburbs, proper installation and maintenance of your system can help to ensure that you have reliable water delivery at all times. Without both of these tasks, you open yourself up to the potential for some pretty scary toxins and chemicals.

Wrought Iron Or Aluminum? Which Metal Fencing Option Is Better For You?

If you're looking for a stately metal fence to add to your landscape, then wrought iron is likely the first material that comes to mind. However, fencing companies have begun manufacturing aluminum fences that are made to look like wrought iron fences. There's virtually no difference in appearance between these two types of fences, but each offers its own pros and cons, which you should consider carefully before making your choice.

Understanding Propane Tank Fill Capacity And Home Heating Usage

If you have recently moved to a home with propane heating, then you will likely have a relatively large propane tank placed outside your house. This tank will feed your heating system through a fuel line that is most likely buried in the ground. Propane heating is considered quite safe, and so is the fuel tank on your property. There are a few things that you should learn about your tank though in regards to safety, filling, and usage so you can use your heating system effectively.

Common Ways You May Be Causing Your Septic System To Fail

If you live in a home with a septic system, you know that it is not the same as being on city water and sewer. There are some things that you must do, as well as things you must not do, to keep your septic system working as it should  Knowing the difference between these two extremes often dictates whether or not your system will remain healthy for years, or if it will fail.

How To Easily And Inexpensively Convert Your Outdated Bath Countertop Into A Concrete-Surfaced Counter

If you are growing weary of a faux-marble, integrated bathroom countertop and sink basin unit and want to update the look to something contemporary, then an easy, low-cost option is to install a concrete finish. It is a simple project that requires a minimum amount of skill and time, and you can transform a ho-hum countertop into something eye catching. Below is what you need and how to make the transformation:

Deadly Dust: Protecting Yourself From Long-Term Lung Problems As A Construction Worker

It's common sense that a trade involving power saws and tons of concrete might be more dangerous than other trades, but did you know one of the most harmful things on a construction site is also one of the smallest? Simple dust, though tiny, can pack a big punch when it comes to health risks. If you're planning to start work on your next project soon, make sure you understand the risks and precautions for handling dust exposure before you get started.

Stud Welding Systems: Efficiency Of Capacitor Discharge Systems

Efficiency is key to improving overall productivity, which is why most welding companies rely on the high-speed fastening process of stud welding system where a welding arc is used to apply a fastener onto a base metal. There are numerous systems that rely on unique processes. Arc stud welding is the most traditional system out there, and used by many welders; however, it may be time to switch over to capacitor discharge systems, as they can handle different types of workloads – like smaller diameter fasteners.

Weird Plumbing Problems And What You Should Do About Them

Every home is subject to a few plumbing problems now and again, from a blocked drain to an overflowing toilet. What happens when your plumbing problems are a little on the 'strange and unusual' side? Before you're tempted to call Ghostbusters, here are some weird plumbing problems you may encounter, and what you need to do to get them repaired. Invasion of the tree roots You're doing laundry, and notice that your toilet water starts to 'gurgle.

5 Questions To Help Determine If Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

It's easy to ignore your garage door until it completely stops working. However, before it gets to that point, there are some telltale signs that indicate a minor problem. If you fix these problems before they worsen, you can save serious cash and lengthen the life of your garage door. Check out these five questions to help you determine if there is something wrong with your garage door. Do You Hear Strange Noises?

How Not To Remove Asbestos

By now most homeowners know that asbestos, once widely used in a massive variety of building materials, is toxic to humans and animals and linked to serious health problems. What you may not know about asbestos is that its incredible durability has allowed it to remain in many older homes, even today, in a variety of forms. Everything from the insulation in your attic to the tile floors in your basement could contain asbestos.

2 Costly Problems Prevented By Regular Plumbing Inspections

Your plumbing system has delivered potable water to your home for as long as you can remember—and it's also drained that water from your home once you're done with it. However, even if your plumbing system seems to be working properly, there are several costly plumbing issues that can occur deep within the walls and floors of your home—if your plumbing system isn't inspected on a regular basis. By having your plumbing system professional inspected by your local plumber, you can avoid becoming a victim of these problems:

Save On Homeowner's Insurance By Rewiring Your Pre-1950S Home

Many homes built before the 1950s have knob-and-tube wiring, which insurance companies don't like to write policies for. Rewiring a home that has knob-and-tube wiring isn't cheap, but it may help you save on your homeowner's insurance. Knob-and-Tube Wiring In knob-and-tube wiring, parallel wires are run alongside each other but placed far enough apart so that electricity won't arc from one wire to the other. At junctures and when the wires pass through wood, porcelain knobs and tubes are used to insulate the wires, hence the name "

The Basics Of Geothermal Heat Pumps & The Geotechnical Properties Of Soil

According to energy.gov, nearly half of the energy used in an average home in America is attributed to heating and cooling costs. Due to this, many homeowners are considering heating and cooling systems that are energy efficient. One such system is a geothermal heat pump, which is a bit different from an air heat pump. If you are building a new home or considering upgrading your heating and cooling system, here are a few important things to understand about the geotechnical properties of soil and how geothermal heat pumps work.

Homeowners In The Northern United States: Keep Your New Heat Pump Free From Snow

Thanks to new developments in heat pump technology, homeowners in northern states that see harsh winters can use heat pumps to keep their homes warm. According to The Boston Globe, the latest heat pumps are capable of heating homes when the temperature outside is as low as minus 20°F. If you're enticed by these modern heat pumps, though, make sure you have a plan to keep them clear of snow. For, heat pumps won't work when they're covered in several feet of snow.

Get Cleaner Air In Your Home By Installing A Whole House Air Filtration System

If the safety of your family is one of your top priorities, you might want to consider finding ways to make the air in your home cleaner. The quality of your indoor air can affect the health of those living in the house, but there are steps you can take to improve the air in your home. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a whole home air filtration system (also called an air purifier system).

Insulating Your New Home? Give A Little Thought To Your Spray-In Options

Choosing the insulation for your new home is a big decision. Whichever material you opt to use, you'll be stuck with it with quite a few years, which means it's imperative to get it right the first time. If you're considering using spray foam insulation or you've never even heard of it before, it might save you time and money in the long run to compare it with traditional fiberglass insulation and understand how the different spray types might benefit you.

Tips For Tackling Your Own Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom isn't likely to be a same-day project. There are a lot of things to consider, from the flooring and the drywall to the new countertops and shower. And, behind it all is the plumbing that ties everything together. Before you start any bathroom remodeling project, you'll want to make sure that you have a plan in place and a plumber that you can turn to for support. Here are some tips to help you tackle the remodel like a pro.

New To Yard Work? 2 Trimming Mistakes That Can Damage Your Trees

If you are like most new homeowners, the idea of caring for a yard on your own can be a little overwhelming. As you look over your lot, you might notice a few trees that seem bulky or overgrown. Since you have no idea how to cultivate your ground for a garden or fertilize the lawn quite yet, you might figure that tree trimming is a task you can tackle. Unfortunately, pruning is more difficult than most people realize, and making these two simple mistakes can damage your trees:

Return Air Ducts: Why They Are Vital For Your Central AC

Living in a house that will not cool off in the summer can be miserable and may cause you to believe that your air conditioning system is not working properly. While this could be the cause of a hot house, problems with the AC may not be the problem at all. This problem might be caused by issues with the return air vent system in your home, and here are three things you need to know about this.

Landscaping To Avoid A Lawsuit: Make Your Yard Safe For Kids

 If an adult trespasser injuries himself on your property, you've got nothing to worry about, because you didn't invite him onto your land. However, if a child comes onto your property because they are intrigued by a unique feature, you could be responsible if you didn't install some security features around areas that could draw a child in. You should always work safety concerns into the final landscaping design in order to keep any trespassing children from harm, and to protect yourself from an injury lawsuit due to attractive nuisance.

Ponds, Walls, And Patios: 3 Outdoor Projects To Revitalize Your Back Yard And Raise Your Home's Value!

Whether you just want to relax in your back yard at the end of the day, or you're looking to raise the value of your home in order to sell it more easily, adding a little spice behind your house can't go wrong. While the projects can be time- and labor-intensive, each is considered incredibly desirable on the housing market, both for the added value and the added chance to unwind by enjoying nature at the end of a hard day.

Using An Electric Fence To Control Livestock

If you've ever kept livestock on your land, you'll know how difficult it is to keep the animals within their boundaries. Traditionally, barbed wire fencing was used to restrain the animals and stop them from escaping; however, the use of electric fencing has surpassed more traditional methods and is a better alternative for controlling your cattle.  What Exactly is Electric Fencing? Electric fencing is a type of fence system that encompasses an electric energizer and a perimeter of fence wire that is tied back to posts along the length of the fence.

How Can You Ensure The Longevity Of Your Asphalt Driveway?

If your home or business has an asphalt driveway, you already know how attractive they are and how smooth a car ride they can create. However, these driveways do require some regular maintenance -- and when not properly maintained may need to be repaved, costing you thousands. Read on to learn more about what you should be doing to ensure the health and longevity of your asphalt driveway. Why maintain your asphalt driveway?

4 Ways to Keep Neighborhood Kids Away From Your Freshly Sealed Driveway

Depending on your local climate, it's suggested that you seal your driveway every few years. Invariably, when you set out to do this, annoying neighborhood kids will walk across your hard work, leaving tracks and an uneven appearance. This tends to happen even if you block the entryway with traditional caution tape and road cones. That's why it's important to be creative with your driveway obstruction strategy. A little fun and inventiveness can help preserve your hard work without you having to stand guard over your driveway at all times.