Pros And Cons Of Choosing A U-Shaped Staircase For Your Custom Home

One decision that you make regarding the design of your custom home that you'll be aware of several times a day is the shape of the stairs. You might not have a lot of thoughts about how the staircase should be, but its shape can impact the available space and even the layout of both floors to which it's attached. One type of staircase that is popular is a U-shaped staircase — one that essentially goes up for half a flight, has a small landing, and then goes up for the rest of the flight after turning a corner. Here are some pros and cons of U-shaped staircases.

Pro: Less Noise Travels Between Floors

One thing that you'll notice about U-shaped stairs is that they can be effective for masking sounds that travel from one floor to another. For example, if you're in the kitchen early in the morning, you may be nervous about clanging pots and pans if the food of the staircase is nearby and your children's bedrooms are close to the top of the staircase. In this scenario, the noise that you make can travel right up the stairs. With U-shaped stairs, however, the noise can dissipate slightly before it gets to the top.

Con: Moving Furniture Is Difficult

One challenge of U-shaped stairs is that it can be difficult to move large pieces of furniture up and down them. If you're carrying a long couch, for example, getting it up the stairs will involve turning the corner — and this often means that you need to stand the couch on its end. While inconvenient, the fortunate thing to remember is that you aren't moving furniture in your home very often.

Pro: Safer For Children

If you have young children, or plan to start a family while you're in this house, you need to think about staircase safety. While you'll hope that your children will never fall down the stairs, the reality is that many children take this accidental tumble. Because U-shaped stairs essentially consist of two half flights, a child's fall would be much shorter than if you were to have a straight staircase.

Con: Challenging For Stair Lifts

If you're elderly and plan to spend as long in your custom home as you can, you need to accept that your mobility might not always be the same as it is today. Many people get stair lifts installed in their homes as a way of navigating staircases with ease. Although a stair lift company can install a stair lift on U-shaped stairs, the installation process is a little more involved and can thus cost you more money. While this might not be an immediate concern, it's still something to consider.

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