3 Benefits Of A Full Siding Replacement Vs. A Partial Siding Replacement

A siding company such as Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center can help you with your home's siding in a few different ways. You can, of course, choose to have all of your old siding removed and replaced with new siding. If only some of your siding is damaged, however, you can opt for a partial siding replacement. Going ahead and having all of your siding replaced at one time is usually the better idea for these essential three reasons.

1. Make Your Whole Home Look Fantastic

First of all, adding all new siding to your home can help you make your home look truly fantastic. Your new siding might not blend in well with your old siding, which can leave your home looking less than ideal. All brand new siding is sure to add a lot of curb appeal to your home, though, and you won't have to worry about whether or not all of your siding matches.

2. Avoid Missing Any Damaged Siding

Replacing damaged siding is about more than just making your home look better, of course. Older siding that has cracks, warps, or other damage isn't going to do as well at protecting your home from the elements. If you accidentally miss replacing some of your damaged siding, your home's structure can be compromised. Going ahead and replacing all of your older siding at once can help you make sure that your home is protected.

3. Avoid Having to Do Another Partial Replacement in the Near Future

If you have a mix of old and new siding on your home, then you will probably have to do another partial siding replacement sometime in the next few years. After all, if some of your home's siding was already worn out from age, then the same thing will probably happen with the rest of the older siding that wasn't replaced before too many more years pass. If you go ahead and replace all of the old siding on your home now, however, you should not have to worry about replacing any of your siding again for a long time to come. This allows you to go ahead and get this home maintenance project out of the way now.

Even though some homeowners opt for a partial siding replacement rather than replacing all of the siding on their home at one time, replacing it all at once is the better idea for many homeowners. If you are wondering about what is involved in this type of project and how much you can expect to spend, contact a siding company so that a professional can give you more information.