What's Up With Your Spa?

You have a spa and you love to relax in the hot, soothing bubbles at the end of a long day. Or, you like to soak your body in the water after a workout or just to have some intimate time with a loved one.

When your spa is showing signs of issues, you don't want to try to fix them yourself, or worse yet, ignore them. Spa issues will only get worse and cause a potentially expensive problem, so watch out for these problems that your hot tub will give you when the appliance needs professional attention. What's up with your spa? This guide will help you be more knowledgeable on the problems you will likely face.

Stinky or discolored water

Just like a swimming pool, your spa relies on the appropriate pH levels in order to keep water clean and sanitary for your enjoyment. When the water isn't checked often or you fail to clean out your hot tub on the regular, the water will eventually start to turn strange colors or even smell bad. You should not use bubble bath or other regular cleaners or body care items in a hot tub or spa to keep the pH levels normal.

It's wise to check your spa often so your pH levels are caught early if they are too high or too low. Your spa services specialist will show you how to clean your hot tub and will also show you what chemicals to use.

Cold or lukewarm water

Is your spa not as warm as it used to be, or it doesn't hold heat for very long once you get in? Check your thermostat first to see if someone turned the water temperatures down. If the thermostat appears to be OK, your issue could be a heating element or other functional issue with the hot tub. You shouldn't use your spa until the issues are checked out as an electrical issue can be to blame for lack of heat, which can be dangerous.

Lack of bubbles

Your spa should bubble when you turn on the jets. If not, the jets may be clogged, an electrical issue may be to blame, or you may have a filtration problem with your spa that leads to water suction being poor. Don't take apart your jets or try to us them until spa services have been done on your unit. Proper care will help your spa last longer.

Contact a spa service, like Anchor Pools & Spas, for more assistance.