Extra Things You Can Do To Make Waterproofing Your Home Even Better

When you have hired a contractor to waterproof your home's exterior, you want to be sure that not a drop of water gets into your foundation or basement. While the contractor is busily excavating and exposing the basement walls, you can be thinking about and requesting extra services that will help support exterior waterproofing efforts. Ask for one or more of the following services.

French Drains 

French drains are special pipe drains that collect water underground and channel it away from the foundation. Because your contractor already has the area around your foundation excavated, installing these pipes to drain more water away is easy enough to do. Even though the dual layer wrapper used and applied to your home's foundation will effectively keep water out, it also helps to keep water away.

Wall Bracing

Sinking walls cause cracks to form since a home does not uniformly sink. While your basement walls are exposed and prepared for the waterproofing process, your contractor can install underground braces that prevent the house from sinking further. When this or that corner cannot sink further, fewer cracks form and there is less chance of the basement filling with water.

Sand Cement Injections

Most of the soil throughout the Midwest is made of a reddish to brown clay. It is very compact, but it also allows for water to seep through to foundations, and then through openings in the foundation. Purportedly, the soil is quite different in Indiana.

There, the soil contains a lot of sand, which makes it very difficult for water to pass through. Rather than sandbagging your home's foundation, you can mix the soil with sand prior to filling in the areas around the foundation. Your contractor can also inject the filled-in areas with a sand-cement, which automatically hardens and creates a "wall" of thicker soil around your home.


After the foundation has been fully wrapped with the two protective layers are installed, the excavation is filled in and made level with the rest of the landscape. Then the contractor will add additional grading close to the foundation to help channel water away. Grading materials range from the basic dirt to large gravel to actual cement inclines shaped to hug the foundation and keep water moving away.

You will always get the basic dirt grading unless you make a request for something different. The contractor can change that, but his/her estimate will not reflect the increased cost prior to the start of the project. Ergo, ask for the differences in grading material prices before making the request to change grading material.