The Back To School Supplies Are Out: How To Get Your Roof Ready For The Return Of Autumn

Now that summer is beginning to wind down, it's time to start thinking about the autumn. The time of year when temperatures start to drop and the rain starts to fall. Once autumn arrives, you'll want to make sure that your roof is ready for the changes. Taking care of some roofing maintenance before autumn arrives will help you avoid emergency situations. It will also ensure that your roof is ready when winter arrives in just a few short months. Here are three steps you should take to get your roof ready for autumn – and the ensuing winter that will be just around the corner.

Start with a Clean Slate

Your roof took a lot of abuse during the spring and summer. You might not have thought about this, but by the time autumn arrives, your roof will have been through wind and hail storms, torrential rains, and even invasions by birds and other pests. The best thing you can do for your roof now is to give it a good cleaning. A thorough cleaning will remove the debris that can cause serious damage to your roof. While you're cleaning your roof, be sure to pay close attention to bird droppings and moss buildup. Those two substances can eat right through your shingles.

Enlist the Help of a Roofing Company

Once you've cleaned your roof, and gotten rid of all the debris, it will be a good idea to enlist the help of your local home roofing service. There may be hidden problems that will need to be addressed before the seasons change. Unfortunately, roofing problems aren't always visible to the untrained eye, especially when it comes to hail damage. If you've had some hail storms go through your area this summer, you'll need to schedule an inspection before autumn arrives. Hail damage can increase your risks of roof leaks.

Make Sure Your Gutters are Up to the Task

If you think your gutters are only useful for keeping water off your head when you're standing on your porch, you're not entirely correct. Your gutters are actually an integral part of your roof. In fact, if your gutters aren't prepared for autumn and fall, neither is your roof. Not only do clean gutters keep water from seeping under the edges of your roofing material, but they also prevent ice damage during the winter. That's because free-flowing gutters keep water away from the roof, where ice typically forms. To make sure your gutters are able to protect your roof, be sure to clean them before autumn arrives.