3 Signs You Need A New Well Pump

Private wells are responsible for supplying many residential properties with safe drinking water. These wells utilize a pump system to help move water from the well and into the home. Without a functional pump, you could find yourself without access to the water your family needs.

Knowing how to recognize when your well pump is failing will allow you to replace the pump quickly in order to avoid a lapse in your home's drinking water supply.

1. A sudden loss in water pressure.

If your well pump is functioning properly, the water being moved from the well and into your home should maintain a steady pressure. A pump that is struggling to run efficiently will often manifest its problems through reduced water pressure.

You should pay close attention to the water pressure produced by your home's plumbing fixtures over time. A sudden drop in water pressure could signal a serious well pump problem. Turn the pump off immediately and contact an experienced service technician when your water pressure drops to avoid further damage to your well pump.

2. Strange noises when you turn on your taps.

When a well pump is functioning properly, it should easily produce water without being noticed. If you start to hear any strange chugging, gurgling, or banging noises when you turn on any of the faucets or taps inside your home, these sounds could indicate serious problems with your well pump.

Mechanical issues can cause the moving parts within your well pump to grind against one another, producing these strange noises. Turn off your water supply to relieve pressure on the pump and contact a service technician to diagnose the source of any strange noises you hear when turning on your home's taps.

3. A sudden spike in your electrical bills.

Your well pump requires access to an electrical current in order to function properly. When a well pump begins to lose its efficiency, it may start using more electricity than normal. Faulty well pumps often have to run continuously in order to produce the water pressure required to service your home.

This increased draw on electrical resources will be evident when you examine your monthly electric bill. Any unexplained increases in your electrical costs could point to a well pump that needs to be replaced.

Replacing a faulty well pump is the only way to ensure your family has access to a safe water supply. Monitor your home's water pressure, noise levels, and electrical costs to determine if you need a new well pump in the near future. Contact a company like Hull Well & Pump Service for more information.