Planning A Holiday Party In Your New Home? How To Protect Your New Granite Countertops

Now that you've moved into your new home, you're probably planning your holiday festivities. If you're going to be hosting a holiday party this year, make sure your new granite countertops are protected against serious damage. While granite is a durable material for countertops, it can still be damaged by heat and stains. Here are four simple steps you can follow to protect your countertops during your parties. 

Ensure Proper Sealant Application

If you're sure whether your granite counter was sealed against damage during countertop installation, now would be a good time to have that taken care of. A proper sealant will help protect your granite from heat damage, and from scratches. It will also help prevent deep-set stains. Once the sealant is in place, you can ensure there is continued protection by having the sealant reapplied once a year.

Provide Plenty of Coasters

During the party, your guests are going to be enjoying plenty of drinks. Some of those drinks will be placed on your countertops. You may be prepared to protect your wood furniture from watermarks, but if you're not also prepared to protect your counters, you only be doing half the job. To prevent scratches and stains from destroying your new counters, be sure to provide your guests with plenty of coasters.

Utilize Your Hot Pads and Trivets

You're going to be doing a lot of cooking during the holidays, which means you'll be making full use of your new counter space. Unfortunately, those hot pans, casserole dishes, and roasters are going cause lasting damage to your counters. Extreme heat can leave scorch marks on your new granite. You don't need to avoid using your counter space. You just need to be ready with your hot pads and trivets. The best way to prevent serious heat damage is to use hot pads and trivets for every roaster, pan and casserole dish you set on your counters, even if they're just a bit warm. It's better to play it safe with a warm pan than to risk damage from a hot pan.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Granite countertops don't need to be scrubbed, but they do need to be kept clean. The best way to do that is to always be prepared for spills and messes, especially during your holiday parties. Fill a spray bottle with water and add about a teaspoon of mild dish detergent. Whenever you notice a spill, spritz the area and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Taking a proactive approach to your spills will help prevent stains.