Do You Need A Boundary Survey?

When it comes to owning and maintaining real estate, knowing exactly which property belongs to you is essential. Without clear and accurate boundary lines, it can be challenging to engage with your property in meaningful ways. Investing in a boundary survey can be a great way to officially determine where your property line lies.

Here are three situations where it might be beneficial for you to invest in a boundary survey to identify the line where your property meets neighboring parcels.

1. Get a boundary survey before constructing a fence.

The addition of a fence surrounding your property can be a great way to keep out unwanted guests and make your property more secure. Since you want to fully enclose your property within the fence you will construct, it can be beneficial to know exactly where your property's boundary lines are.

Investing in a boundary survey before you start constructing a privacy fence will help you avoid the unnecessary expenses associated with tearing down and rebuilding a fence that overlaps a neighbor's property by accident.

2. Get a boundary survey to settle access disputes.

Whenever two parcels of land are located right next to each other, it's important that the owner of each parcel knows exactly where his or her property line lies. Access to a piece of property should occur only on that piece of property.

If you suspect that a neighbor is utilizing a portion of your property to access a driveway, parking slab, or outbuilding located on his or her land, then a boundary survey may be needed. A boundary survey will show if unlawful access is a problem, helping you effectively settle an access dispute in the future.

3. Get a boundary survey before buying or selling property.

Real estate transactions occur each and every day, but it's important for both buyers and sellers to know exactly which areas of land are involved in these transactions. If you will be buying or selling real estate, invest in a boundary survey before you start the negotiation process.

The boundary survey will help you identify exactly how much land is included in the transaction, allowing you to better negotiate the purchase or sale of real estate in the future.

Being able to identify some scenarios where having a boundary survey can be beneficial will allow you to rely on boundary surveys to help you identify property lines as you deal with real estate in the future.