5 Tips For Using A Plunger To Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

Thought the toilet was the only appliance to get clogged in the bathroom? This is not the case and many homeowners find that their bathroom sink becomes clogged at some point, especially if you shave or brush your hair over the sink. Hair easily clogs the sink because it builds up over time and leaves clumps that clog the drain. Luckily, clogs in the sink can easily be unclogged with the use of a plunger. Here are five tips to help you do this:

  1. Use the Right Plunger: Unclogging the sink with a plunger that does not have a flat bottom is not going to work in the sink since it won't have the proper suction. Instead, you want a flat plunger that is going to suction the sink properly. 
  2. Remove the Plug: Before you actually start using the plunger, you want to remove the plug so that everything in the sink drain can come up. Otherwise, the plug is just going to push it back down and your efforts in using the plunger are going to be pointless. 
  3. Use Petroleum Jelly: What many homeowners don't realize is that by rubbing petroleum jelly over the bottom of the plunger, it is going to help the plunger stick more thoroughly to the bottom of the sink. This way, it is not sliding all over the place when you are plunging up and down continuously. This is going to make the job more effortless and fast. 
  4. Plunge in Quick Succession: When you are ready to start plunging the drain, you will want to do so in a quick succession so that the clog can be broken up quickly without any chance to settle back into clumps. The faster it is broken down, then the faster it is going to move through the pipes and no longer be a problem. 
  5. Run the Water: While plunging, you want to have the water running so that it is moving everything through the drain pipes. Otherwise, even though the clog is being broken up,  it can end up sitting along the edges of the pipe instead of being flushed away.

When you consider these five tips, you can easily unclog the bathroom sink. However, if there is still a problem, you should definitely consider hiring a plumber who will be able to snake the drain to get rid of a bad clog. Be sure to also go through regular drain cleanings in your home to further prevent this from occurring. For more information, contact companies like Walters Environmental Services.