3 Green Practices To Consider For Your Commercial Construction Business

As someone who owns a commercial construction business, have you been wondering how you can do your part to protect the environment? If so, here are three green practices to consider for your commercial construction business.

1. Use Locally-Sourced Construction Materials

When you work on a construction site, you're going to need many different types of materials to complete the job. While it might be more cost-effective to order these materials from places that are far away, using locally-sourced construction materials instead, will be of benefit to the environment. If you are working in a rural area, or one that doesn't having a lot of options to buy locally, try to get your materials from the closest place possible. Doing this will cut down on the amount of energy needed to ship the materials to the construction site.

Many commercial construction contractors work closely with the construction project's architecture and design team. Once the entire team understands the design intent and how each of the materials is going to be used, it makes it easier to find a network of local vendors and suppliers.

2. Implement Pollution Prevention Practices

Many scientists believe that pollution contributes to global warming and climate change. If this is the case, then you'll want to do your part to implement pollution prevention practices. Some ways to do this include:

  • Dampen the construction site with water to help control the dust
  • Try to leave as much vegetation coverage as possible to help control soil erosion
  • Regularly inspect vehicles and machinery to ensure they are not leaking oil or gas
  • Use non-toxic paints, solvents, sealants, coatings, and other materials whenever you can
  • Don't burn any of the materials onsite
  • Ensure all the drains on the site are covered up and protected

By preventing pollution, you will be doing your part to protect the environment from the dangers of global warming.

3. Recycle at the Construction Site

Did you know that many of the materials that get used at commercial construction sites are recyclable? These materials include things like shingles, asphalt, concrete, cardboard, metals, and wood. Other recyclables on the site include things that contractors use while working or when taking breaks. These types of recyclables include plastic water bottles, paper products, and aluminum cans.

There are many types of disposal services that can help you with your recycling needs. Some disposal services and dumpster companies will even do all the sorting and hauling away for you.