Avoid These Metal Sandblasting Mistakes

If you have a construction work project that involves painted metal, you may be considering some sandblasting so that you can remove the paint and any rust and repaint or restore the metal depending on client tastes. However, if you don't sandblast often, you could end up warping or damaging the metal in some way or injuring yourself. You'll want to avoid the mistakes below.

Blasting One Area Too Long

Because you're trying to remove paint or surface imperfections, it's not unlikely that you'll aim your air compressor nozzle at one area until you see that you're making progress. However, this is problematic because of what you'll be doing to the metal. Prolonged blasting can cause warping or make the metal panel you're working with too thin. Instead, take your time with the job and use a slow, side-to-side waving motion as you blast. Over time, you'll see results.

Using a Long Hose

One way you could blow out an air compressor during this project is by using a hose that's too long. It might seem smart to use a long hose because you'll have a bit more freedom when maneuvering, but a short hose is better and more efficient. The compressor won't have to work so hard blowing sand throughout the length of the hose that is too long.

Not Being Properly Protected

You might think you'll just need a mask and goggles to get the blasting part of the project done, but you and any employees working on this project need to protect your bodies adequately. A heavy duty hood that covers your entire head and face is a necessity, as are heavy rubber gloves. To be safest, you may even consider getting full body protection suits to prevent harm to yourself and workers.

Not Using a Dropcloth

You may be doing your sandblasting work outdoors in an area where you don't imagine you'll need a dropcloth. However, if you're interested in saving your construction company some money, you've got to remember that many types of sand are reusable. If you have another blasting project in the future, you won't have to buy all new sand for the job.

Avoiding these errors can enable you and your employees to sandblast metal and prepare it for a new paint job without damaging it. You might want to enlist the help of a sandblasting specialist company, such as Dynamos Dustless Blasting LLC, so that you keep mistakes to a minimum.