Natural Vs. Composite Stone Countertops

Updating your kitchen countertops is a great way to completely change the style of any cabinet, and the room that it is in. You'll be surprised how dramatically new countertops can change a room. Stone countertops are popular for their style and durability. However, not all stone countertops are the same. This article discusses the differences between natural and composite stone countertops.

Natural Stone Countertops

Generally, natural stone countertops are the most expensive and desirable. That is, the actual piece consists of natural stone that is basically cut directly from the Earth's core. The stone on the counter looks just like it would coming out of the earth after being polished. The main reason people love natural stone is the mere fact of its natural beauty, authenticity, and rawness. Materials like quartz, granite, and marble are all highly sought after natural stones.

The main drawback to natural stone countertops is that they need a little more maintenance than composite products. Most importantly, raw stone needs to be treated and sealed in order to be protected from water damage and bacteria. This is work that usually only needs to be done once every couple of years, so it is not too demanding. Nonetheless, if you neglect to seal your natural stone, the countertop will not last as long.

Composite Stone Countertops

Understandably, the main perk of composite stone, when it comes to countertops, is the fact that it is essentially no maintenance and more affordable. A composite countertop is usually made out of the same stone species, like quartz and granite. However, it is not made out of solid pieces. Only the core of the slab is made out of stone. Usually, a stone by-product is ground up, dyed, and glued together in a mold to form the countertop. Durable, waterproof epoxies are used to create a smooth surface that is ideal for countertops. The stone is then wrapped in a realistic looking natural stone printed laminate.

Most people can't even tell the difference between natural stone and composite stone unless they are looking and examining up close. It is definitely a good idea to choose composite stone if you think you will be unwilling to handle the maintenance of natural stone. Either product can help to revitalize any old cabinet system. The style and strength of stone countertops are attractive features that will ultimately help increase the value of your home.

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