Are You Having An Energy Audit Done On Your Home? What Information The Auditor Will Ask For And Why It's Important

If you are looking for a way to decrease your energy bill, you may be looking at having an energy audit done. An energy audit can be done by many different people, including local energy offices, electric or gas utility companies, or independent energy auditors. An auditor will look at many different factors to determine what your current energy usage is and where cuts can be made. However, an energy audit consists of more than an auditor walking through your home and determining what appliances use what amount of energy. Here is some of the information an auditor will ask for and why this information is important to your energy audit.

A Years Worth of Energy Bills

Most energy auditors will ask for a copy of a year's worth of energy bills. If you do not keep your bills, you can request copies from your local energy provider or even obtain the information online. The auditors can obtain a great deal of information by looking at your bills. They may see that your bills skyrocket during certain times of the year, which may help clue them in about whether your heater or air conditioner is using more energy than it should, or that your home needs more insulation because it uses a lot of energy year round.

Who Lives in the Home and What Their Schedule Is

Another key bit of information that an energy auditor will ask you for is who has lived in your home for the past year and what their schedule is like. Do you have a college student who comes home during the summer months and is home all day? If so, that can explain why your energy usage increases during this time. Or did you have a roommate a few months in the fall who worked from home? Then this may account for the spikes in usage during this time frame. An auditor will need to know all of this information so they know why energy usage went up and do not attribute it to everything else.

Any Existing Problems You Know About

In some cases, you may already know that you have energy-related issues. You may know that your windows have condensation forming on them and need to be replaced. Or you may have already been told that your attic is not properly insulated. If you know you already have issues but haven't had the time to fix them, let the auditor know so they do not spend time tracking down an energy issue you already know about. This allows them to free up their time to focus on issues you may be unaware of.

An energy audit can help you determine what changes need to be made to your home to decrease your home's energy usage. While there are many things an auditor will do to look for issues on their own, such as doing a room-by-room examination, blower door test, and thermographic scan, they will still need information from you. Knowing what they need and why will help you be prepared when your audit is being performed.

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