2 Different Types Of Blasting You May Need To Know

Blasting is used in many different industries, and learning the different types can be interesting. This information may even be helpful to you in the future. This is because if you ever find yourself working in any of these industries, you will already know a little about it. Keep reading to learn of two types to help you get started.

Blasting in Bulk

One type of blasting you may need to learn is blasting in bulk, also known as bulk blasting. This type of blasting is generally used in the quarrying and mining industry. There may be times when a coal miner needs to blast through large amounts of coal to get where they need to go. When finished blasting, the pieces of coal are in small pieces to make it easy to transport them out of the coal mine.

There are regulations that have to be taken into consideration before the basting begins. These regulations are set in place to keep the employees safe while blasting. The employees also need to be licensed in order to do this type of work.

The construction industry also uses bulk blasting. When they arrive at a construction site, they may have large rocks that are in their way. Because it would take a lot of time to remove these rocks, they can use bulk blasting to get rid of them quickly. This will then level the area, making it possible for them to start working on building.

Civil Blasting

Another type of blasting you may come across is civil blasting. This type of blasting breaks, removes, excavates, and demolishes concrete and rock no matter what the size is or how much concrete or rock there is. The blaster has to be licensed before they start blasting. This is a different license then the license needed for bulk blasting. The main difference between bulk and civil blasting is the blaster is likely close to public buildings during the blasting. This means they have to be very accurate so the concrete or rocks do not cause damage.  In many cases, a deep trench is built about the concrete or rocks before the blasting begins.

As you can see, it is important that blasting is done correctly. If you are hired to do this in the future, you will receive a lot of training beforehand. This is especially true because you have to be licensed.