Tips For Maintaining A Stamped Concrete Patio

The beauty of a stamped concrete patio lies in its designs, whether you have intricate, engraving-like stamps or a design that mimics stone or brick. Unfortunately, the designs can fade or even become a magnet for grime if you don't properly maintain the surface. The following tips will help you keep your stamped concrete patio looking its best.

Tip #1: Sweep often

Dirt and debris can become trapped in the stamped design, especially if the lines are deep. Invest in a good-quality push broom, and use it at least once a week. You should also sweep after doing lawn work, since grass clippings and dirt usually end up on the patio. Use firm, short strokes that push the bristles into the stamp marks to dislodge dust and dirt.

Tip #2: Deep clean monthly

You have two options for deep cleaning. The first is the easiest – simply use a pressure washer on a low pressure setting. Opt for a wide angle nozzle, and hold it at least a foot away from the concrete. Too much pressure focused on a single area can wear down the design or damage the concrete. The other option is to flood the patio with hot water, and use a deck brush to scrub it thoroughly.

Tip #3: Use a grill mat

If you like to cook out on your patio, be aware that any grease that drips from the grill is likely to get trapped in the stamped designs. This will lead to stains. Place a grill mat beneath the grill to catch any spills and avoid this problem. Remove the mat when the grill isn't in use; otherwise, moisture can become trapped beneath it. This will lead to mildew growth, which can also stain your concrete patio.

Tip #4: Schedule a sealant treatment

Sealed concrete is less likely to become stained, weathered, or worn. This can help your concrete maintain both its color and the stamped design. How frequently you need to seal varies depending on foot traffic and weather exposure. As a general rule of thumb, plan to reseal when water no longer beads up on the concrete surface. The sealant is painted onto the surface, where it creates a protective barrier. It also helps even out any inconsistencies in the concrete color that may have developed.

Call a decorative concrete contractor for more help or to schedule a concrete cleaning and sealing session.