How To Upgrade The Look Of Your In-Ground Pool For Event Hosting

Sometimes your job leads to the need to network and have events at your home. This may be fine, until you start realizing the things that your outdoor event area and pool needs are not simple upgrades. In fact, you may want to upgrade the area so you can host events year round. If you aren't sure how a custom pool builder or contractor from a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas may be able to help you, consider these upgrades that could change your event from being nice to an event to remember.

Mosaic Pool Tiles

You may not think that the addition of mosaic pool tiles would make a big difference, but they do. Consider if you have a traditional in-ground pool that has a traditional liner of solid color. This is nice, but adding mosaic tiles gives it a special touch. It creates a finished and polished look that also adds to a smoke and mirrors atmosphere if you are building your successful background. For example, if you are trying to show off your success in real estate or sales, the addition of mosaic tile to a traditional pool can show that you have been successful enough to make that upgrade and addition. This can give your clients at your event a much better impression of your professional capabilities.

Bar Area

It may come as a surprise to you that a bar area is mentioned alongside pool contractors. The truth is most pool contractors do handle all aspects of the landscaping around the pool and not just the pool itself. One of the many upgrades that can give your event a special touch and help boost your guests' appeal of your event is to have a bar area. This area is ideal to host a wet bar, as well as an area to lay out catering trays for the event. It allows you to entertain without having to leave the area and without having to have your guests leave the area they are enjoying.

Pool Lighting and Heating

You can add lighting around your pool, but sometimes this looks a bit cheap. If you are going for an upscale and well polished look for your event, you may want to go with specialty pool lighting and even pool heating if your guests would like to try the pool out for themselves. Your pool contractor can help with this and even create a lighting option that changes colors throughout the night and dims or brightens as needed.

These are just three of the special touches your pool contractor can do for your pool upgrade to enhance your events. If you have more ideas, consider a consultation with your pool contractor for pricing and planning.