How Trees Can Ruin Your Sewer

If you have a septic tank, you should keep the drainage field clear of any plants that have deep roots. Here is how trees and other plants with deep roots can ruin your septic tank and plumbing system.

Your Sewer Lines Release Moisture and Vapor

To start with, you need to understand how your sewer lines are designed to work. When warm water flows out of your house and through your sewer lines, vapors from the hot water are released into the surrounding soil. This makes the soil around your sewer lines moist.

Roots Seek Out Sources of Water

The roots from trees around your home are always seeking out moisture. Trees put out long roots in order to secure constant sources of moisture. Big bushes also put out longer roots in order to secure moisture as well. If you have trees and bushes that are planted too close to sewer lines and septic tanks, their roots are going to seek out moisture around and directly from your sewer lines.

Lines Can Slowly Get Clogged

The process of tree and shrub roots clogging up your sewer lines is something that happens gradually. Over time, the long roots from your trees and shrubs seek out moisture and make their way to your septic lines and tank. Your roots will seek out cracks in your line and loose joints and use those as access points to get to the water that is flowing through your septic lines. These tiny little roots will absorb all the things that go through your sewer line. You may not even notice at first. However, over time, the roots will grow and will eventually crack your sewer lines.

Prevention Methods

You can prevent your lines from getting cracked by roots from nearby trees and shrubs by taking some preventative measures. To start with, make sure that your sewer lines and sewer are installed somewhere far away from any established trees or shrubs on your property. If there are trees and shrubs that are too close to your sewer lines and system, have them cut down and removed. Do not plant anything with deep root systems near your sewer lines and septic system.

Finally, get your sewer lines professionally cleaned by a plumber on a yearly basis to ensure that they are free of roots. This is a great way to make sure that no sneaky trees or shrubs gets their roots into your sewer line.  

Talk to companies such as All County Operations for more information about keeping your septic tank and sewer lines safe from trees.