Custom Warehouse Safety Signs Ideal For 3 Modern Types Of Transportation

Warehouses are known for forklifts, rolling carts, and other forms of small machinery, but the advent of modern technology has drastically changed the way that these environments operate and run. With safety being a number one priority for many warehouses, it's important to make employees and guests aware of potential dangers that come with modern vehicles and designs. By ordering custom signs, you can ensure that proper safety procedures are followed and dangers are monitored for all types of these vehicles. Browse through three different vehicles and various signs that can be specifically crafted towards their use and safety.

Hover Boards

One of the newest trends in the world of personal vehicle operation is the hover board. instead of actually hovering, it makes the user feel that way as they balance on a deck that is supported by heavyweight wheels. These self-balancing two-wheeled boards can help employees travel to destinations faster and can even travel up or down various inclines. When crafting safety signs for the boards, you want to determine where the boards are allowed in the warehouse. A "No Hover Board" sign featuring text and an image can help designate specific areas where the boards are not allowed. These include high-traffic areas, carpeted areas, or loading dock areas with edges and ledges. If a lot of your employees are using the boards, then you may use custom signs to designate paths and areas where the boards are allowed.

Segway Scooters

Another popular two-wheeled device is the Segway scooter. When trying to access items in the warehouse, the scooter is a great way to quickly go through rows and reach places. One of the more dangerous situations for a Segway scooter is when it is rounding corners. These scooters can make tight turns, but it's easy to run into someone or some type of machinery.

A custom sign can offer safety solutions in any type of warehouse. Instead of making stop signs for people on foot or using another type machinery, you can make Segway traffic signs for your warehouse. Along with the "Stop" message, these signs can also feature a black silhouette of the scooter or the name of it. Running a few safety courses and meetings on the scooter can help ensure that employees follow the sign messages and obey the various safety rules.

Safety signs can also be placed in parking areas for Segways. These signs can be used as reminders to charge the Segways, proper locations for parking, and basic safety rules. For example, you can have a sign printed that lists the basic start-up functions of the Segway. This includes disconnecting it from the charger, wearing a helmet, and ensuring that traffic is clear enough to back out and begin the scooter operation.


Thanks to cheaper technology and the increase in battery power, the world of drones has expanded from basic hobbies and to practical use. In a warehouse, drones are great for taking pictures, locating items, and for surveillance needs during large operations. Safety signs can be hung in a warehouse for both drone pilots and other people in the warehouse. For pilots, you can use safety signs to designate drone lift-off and landing areas. These areas can be set to the GPS of the drone so it automatically returns to the same position.

For other people in the warehouse, you can have a custom "Drone Flying Zone" sign placed in various areas. Hanging the signs in the entrance of the warehouse is an easy way to draw immediate attention to the safety sign. This will help guests be aware that drones may be flying overhead. The extra awareness can increase safety and prevent unnecessary accidents.

Communicating with workers and watching the vehicles in action can help you figure out additional safety signs that are needed. Every warehouse is different, so it's important to create and purchase signs that cater to your specific business needs. You can get more information by following the link in this sentence.