Features That Will Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Appeal

In modern homes, the bathroom can be more than a place to take a quick shower and wash up. It can be more like a spa -- a space where you can retreat for the ultimate relaxation and comfort. If you're remodeling your bathroom or designing a new one, here are five features that will help give it that spa-like appeal.

Heated Floors

If you're building a new home, putting radiant floor heating throughout the whole home, including the bathroom, is certainly an option. However, even if you're just remodeling an existing bathroom, you can put radiant floor heating just in the bathroom without changing the heating system throughout the rest of the home. Imagine how nice it would feel to step out of the shower and onto a warm floor on a chilly winter night.

There are several styles of radiant floor heating to consider. One style involves heating the floor with electrical wires buried beneath it, and the other style consists of hot water tubes below the floor's surface. When heating the floor of a single room, electric is usually the easiest option. You can leave it on almost constantly and use it as the main heating source for the bathroom, or you can just flip it on (usually with a wall switch) a few minutes before you want the floor to be warm. For more information, contact a company like Custom Comfort

"Surround" Showers

Who said showers should only have one head? For a more spa-like appeal, consider mounting several shower heads. You can have one higher up on the back wall, another on the side wall, and a third on the ceiling to sprinkle water directly on your head. Setting up the pipes for this type of system can be complicated if you currently have one standard shower head, so you'll want to hire a professional plumber for this remodeling endeavor.

Soaker Tubs

Relaxing in the tub with a bunch of bubbles and perhaps some jets will really make you feel like you're at the spa. A tub separate from the shower can provide a deep, comfortable place to soak. Free-standing tubs offer a very luxurious look. You can even put a partial wall in front of the tub so that it becomes more of a private feature within the bathroom, allowing others to use other features within the bathroom while you're bathing if needed.

Some people elect to have a separate small water heater for their soaking tub. If you plan to use it often, this will allow you to do so without limiting the amount of hot water others can use elsewhere in the home.

A Separate Toilet Room

Even the fanciest toilets don't particularly remind you of a spa. Thus, it's wise to enclose your toilet within a smaller area of the bathroom. If you have the space to do so, you can put a full door and walls between the toilet and the rest of your bathroom. Otherwise, putting a partial, half-height wall around it will serve the purpose well enough. Make sure the enclosed space is well ventilated with an fan that exhausts to the outdoors so that unwelcome smells can be kept out of your spa bathroom.

Enclosed Storage Space

Your bathroom won't look very luxurious if you have shelves full of clutter. Thus, enclosed storage cabinets are a necessity. The cleaner the lines and the more minimalist the style, the more the cabinets will resemble those in modern spas. Self-closing cabinets with simple nickel handles are a good choice. Cabinets that slide shut are also popular. For an extra element of luxury, have interior lighting installed in the cabinets so you can easily see the contents when you're relaxing in dim lighting.

With the elements above, you should have no trouble designing a space that feels more like a spa than a home bathroom. Talk to a remodeling contractor to learn more.