Ponds, Walls, And Patios: 3 Outdoor Projects To Revitalize Your Back Yard And Raise Your Home's Value!

Whether you just want to relax in your back yard at the end of the day, or you're looking to raise the value of your home in order to sell it more easily, adding a little spice behind your house can't go wrong. While the projects can be time- and labor-intensive, each is considered incredibly desirable on the housing market, both for the added value and the added chance to unwind by enjoying nature at the end of a hard day.

Installing A Pond

Adding a pond to your back yard can make it spring to life -- literally! Ponds with moving water are excellent for fish, and aquatic plants, and they can also attract birds, frogs, lizards, and even butterflies. Best of all, moving ponds aren't hospitable to mosquitoes, so you can enjoy your new water feature in piece without worrying about bug bites.

As an added bonus, a pond can make your life feel much more satisfying and relaxing. After stressful days, you can retire to your back yard and unwind to the relaxing sound of flowing water and watch your fish swim about.

Financially, adding a pond to your property is also an excellent investment. For a small water feature, you may be able to do the installation yourself or purchase a kit that makes the process easier. In return, you could see your property value increase by as much as 15%!

Laying A Patio

Patios provide an excellent place to sit and eat a meal outdoors or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. They also combine perfectly with a small pond to create a relaxing atmosphere. Best of all, they can serve you years into the future by giving you extra space to entertain party guests or just have a romantic dinner for two.

Depending on the size of patio you choose to lay and the materials you use, this project typically ranges from inexpensive to moderately costly. Higher-end options like having uniquely-shaped bricks professionally laid will be more expensive than putting down old-fashioned square bricks on your own, and will take longer. However, if you're a newbie to outdoor building, you may want to rely on professional masonry contractors to prevent any problems with unevenness, spreading, or drainage down the line.

The amount a patio will raise your property value depends on the quality of the work and the market your home is in. While it's impossible to know exactly how much it will help, the National Association of Realtors lists patios as one of the top ten items desired by home buyers in recent years.

Building A Wall

Fencing can raise your value and look nice as well, but for classic beauty that stands the test of time, nothing beats a brick-and-mortar wall. Such walls not only add privacy to your back yard and increase the relaxing mood, but can also be used as a landscaping aid to increase the flat area you have to work with. Going for the two-in-one option, you can combine a privacy wall and a retaining wall to both even out severe slopes in your back yard and block off anyone who might be peeping in.

With the increased flat area, you can expand your patio, add walkways, or even start a flowerbed or vegetable patch. Leveling out the slopes in your back yard gives you better control of water drainage, as well, so you can dictate how fast water flows in your yard and where it goes. This can be useful for redirecting slopes away from your home or your pond, in order to keep you and your fish safe after heavy rains.

Privacy is always in-demand on the housing market, and retaining walls not only add some much-desired flat workable land to the yard, but are attractive in their own right. Prospective buyers sometimes pay as much as 28% more for a home with good landscaping, meaning you'll likely turn a profit no matter what you pay for your wall installation.

Nature lovers and house flippers can both see eye to eye when it comes to these projects, which not only give you a chance to more fully enjoy your back yard, but also raise the value of your property as a whole. Whether you want to make big bucks or you look forward to years of feeding fish from the privacy of your patio, you can count on any one of these additions to add a little joy to your life.