4 Ways to Keep Neighborhood Kids Away From Your Freshly Sealed Driveway

Depending on your local climate, it's suggested that you seal your driveway every few years. Invariably, when you set out to do this, annoying neighborhood kids will walk across your hard work, leaving tracks and an uneven appearance. This tends to happen even if you block the entryway with traditional caution tape and road cones.

That's why it's important to be creative with your driveway obstruction strategy. A little fun and inventiveness can help preserve your hard work without you having to stand guard over your driveway at all times. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Blow-Up Bouncy Castle

A ridiculously large blow up castle is always a kid magnet. Why would you possibly want pesky children on your property when you're trying to protect your driveway? If they're bouncing in your castle, they aren't running on your driveway.

Unfortunately, most neighborhoods frown upon residents placing a large inflatable castle in their front lawn for an extended period of time. You might be forced to create a special occasion as an excuse. In these cases, it's a good idea to choose a holiday to which you have no apparent connection. People won't often challenge these since they'll be worried about offending you.

Aging 80s Rock Band

Anyone who's had the pleasure of raising a teenager knows the effect that out-of-touch parents have on a child. There's no better way to demonstrate just how uncool you are than to hire an aging 80s rock band. The good news is that these musical acts often come at a discount—making them a mainstay on the county fair circuit.

However, not just any band will do. Certain groups run the risk of being seen as ironic, making them appealing to certain subgroups. You'll want to avoid these at all costs. Instead, opt for a group that was never really that cool—such as Fine Young Cannibals or Wang Chung. For extra protection, buy your own children your band's shirts and suggest they wear them to school. 

Math Tutors

Since most driveway seal jobs take place in the summer months, children are in the mindset to avoid learning at all costs. This makes a math tutor an economical alternative to a full-blown band. Most tutors can be hired at reasonable hourly rates—and they could be desperate for work when school isn't in session.

The only drawback is that a math tutor won't have the same visual impact as an inflatable castle or a rock band. So, you'll have to do some visual marketing to make full use of the tutor option. A large, portable chalkboard should be rented for the tutor to use. That way, children won't miss the fact that math is happening in your yard.

The Boy or Girl They Have a Crush On

This is an advanced play that should only be used when there's a specific child that you're targeting. Also, this strategy is only effective when the child in question is between the ages of 9 and 15. That said, if you have a serious problem with an individual adolescent tramping through your yard, nothing will keep them away more effectively than the object of their affection.

You see, children at that age cannot stand to be in the same general vicinity as their crush for longer than 30 seconds. This is likely a side effect of the intense hormonal overload that they experience. Better still, children of this age are used to being paid 5-10 dollars an hour for babysitting. Under the right circumstances, this option becomes extremely effective for the cost.

When protecting your freshly sealed asphalt, it's important to think outside of the box. If caution tape and cones were effective, there wouldn't be so many botched seal jobs every summer! For more suggestions and tips, talk to local asphalt maintenance experts.